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Texting and Driving Penalties in Maryland 2021

Using a handheld cell phone while operating a motor vehicle is not only against the law, it is extremely dangerous to both the driver and other people on the road. Many drivers are under the impression that texting is the only form of distracted driv… Read More
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U.S. House to Vote on Ter…

U.S. House to Vote on Terminating Federal Ban of Marijuana

Last Friday, House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer announced that the U.S. House of Representatives would be voting on terminating the federal ban on marijuana. This would be a landmark vote, as many states across the country faced choices regarding the… Read More
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Charged With a Maryland D…

Charged With a Maryland DUI this Halloween? Here is What You Should Know.

Halloween is one of the most celebrated holidays of the year, no matter our age. Many people celebrate Halloween by attending costume parties. Of course, these parties often involve drinking, which is fine, as long as those who drink do not get behin… Read More
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Can I Become an Uber Driv…

Can I Become an Uber Driver if I Have a DUI?

Uber, the ridesharing service, is a great way for individuals to make some extra cash, or even to earn a living. However, Uber’s standards are relatively high, as they want to ensure their business is safe for all those involved. That being sai… Read More
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What Are the Penalties fo…

What Are the Penalties for Marijuana Possession in Maryland?

If you are someone who has recently been charged with marijuana possession, or any marijuana-related crime, you are looking at serious penalties that may change the course of your life for years to come. Read on and speak with our experienced Marylan… Read More
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Cell Phone Violations in…

Cell Phone Violations in Maryland | What You Need to Know

Everybody knows that it’s wrong to use a cell phone while driving, however, sometimes, people make the mistake of doing so. We live in a world of distractions, and it’s not always easy to avoid them. Unfortunately, if you are caught using… Read More
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What Happens if My Child…

What Happens if My Child is Charged With a Juvenile Crime in Maryland?

If your child has been charged with a juvenile crime, you must continue reading and speak with our experienced Maryland criminal defense attorney to learn more about the process ahead, the consequences for obtaining a juvenile conviction, and how our… Read More
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What Happens if I Violate…

What Happens if I Violate Probation in Maryland?

If you are someone who was offered probation in lieu of jail time, and you have recently been charged with violating your probation terms, you are most likely wondering what comes next. Please continue reading and speak with our knowledgeable Marylan… Read More
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Fourth of July DUIs in Ma…

Fourth of July DUIs in Maryland

The Fourth of July is a day of celebration, and many people celebrate by having a couple of drinks while attending cookouts, firework displays, and more. While there is nothing wrong with this, if you do decide to drink, you must ensure you do not dr… Read More
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What You Need to Know Abo…

What You Need to Know About Maryland's Gun Laws

The Second Amendment to the United States Constitution gives individuals the right to lawfully possess firearms. Our job as attorneys is to uphold those rights for those being wrongfully charged for violating them. Please continue reading and reach o… Read More
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