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Car accidents happen every day in Baltimore for many reasons. Some accidents happen due to no fault of any party, while others happen due to negligence and intentional misconduct. When a car accident occurs in Maryland, the state enforces a fault-based system to resolve the resulting damages. This means whoever caused the accident must address the effects of their actions, whether they caused the incident through negligence or a willful act of misconduct.

Representing Baltimore, MD, Car Accident Victims

When you or a loved one is recovering from injuries sustained in a car accident, it is natural to wonder about your options for legal recourse. If you suspect another party is responsible for your accident, you must consult an experienced Baltimore car accident attorney as soon as possible. Your legal team can not only guide you through a preliminary auto insurance claim for some initial compensation but also assist you in building a robust personal injury claim seeking maximum compensation for your damages.

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Rubin Law Firm Offers Successful, Experienced Representation

The Ruben Law Firm is an experienced team of Baltimore personal injury attorneys who have successfully represented many past clients in difficult car accident claims. We know that any accident can be a life-changing experience, and you likely have many questions about potential recovery efforts. Our goal is to explain your legal options in a way you can understand to help you make informed decisions about your recovery efforts. In addition, we can help you file an auto insurance claim against the driver who caused your accident, and if that is not enough to fully compensate your losses, you can rely on us to build a personal injury claim on your behalf.

Benefits of Legal Counsel After a Car Accident in Baltimore

Attempting to resolve any motor vehicle accident claim without an attorney is incredibly difficult, even when liability for the incident is perfectly clear. Your recovery efforts following a car accident someone else caused likely include an auto insurance claim and a personal injury claim. Every Maryland driver must carry auto insurance that meets the state’s minimum coverage requirements, and auto insurance is often a valuable initial lifeline of recovery from a car accident in Baltimore.

Unfortunately, some accidents result in damages that exceed the scope of available insurance coverage. When another party is responsible for your injuries and the associated economic losses, an experienced Baltimore car accident attorney can assist you with further legal action that enhances your total compensation. You could face unexpected challenges with your insurance claim, or your claim could be denied unfairly or based on a technicality. If you pursue a civil case against the defendant, you must meet strict filing deadlines while managing your medical treatment.

It’s Vital to Balance Costs Against Contributions When It Comes to Legal Counsel

Do not make an already challenging situation worse for yourself and your family by attempting to handle it unassisted. If you are concerned about the potential cost of hiring a Baltimore car accident attorney, it is vital to understand the value the right attorney can contribute to your case. Many personal injury plaintiffs are initially unaware of the full scope of recovery options available after their accidents. Any car accident can raise complex questions of liability, or fault may be contested by multiple parties, and you may not know where to direct your recovery efforts.

Whatever your case entails, you will be best suited to handle the unique variables of your case when you have legal representation you can trust. The Ruben Law Firm will help you with preliminary recovery efforts after your accident, such as your claim against the at-fault driver’s auto insurance policy. If further legal action is necessary to fully compensate for your losses, you can trust our team to help you maximize your final case award from a personal injury suit.

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Most Common Causes of Car Accidents in Baltimore, MD

Your Baltimore car accident attorney will be an invaluable resource for proving fault for your damages. Maryland state law requires you to determine fault for an accident, whether you anticipate filing an auto insurance claim, a personal injury suit, or both in pursuit of compensation for your losses. You must identify the party you believe is responsible for your car accident and prove they caused it through negligence or intentional misconduct. Some of the most commonly reported causes of car accidents in the Baltimore, MD, area that generate complex civil claims for damages include:

  • Distracted driving, which is the most commonly cited cause of all vehicle accidents in the United States. Any distraction while driving is very dangerous as it only takes seconds for a distracted driver to cause an accident.
  • Intoxicated driving, which is both illegal and dangerous. Driving under the influence (DUI) of drugs or alcohol violates Maryland state law and can lead to penalties, including driver’s license suspension, fines, and jail time. In addition, impaired drivers who hurt or kill others face increased criminal penalties and expansive civil liability for victims’ damages.
  • Speeding. Any time a driver exceeds the speed limit, they put themselves and others at severe risk. Accidents are not only more likely to occur when drivers speed, but speeding is also a major contributing factor to catastrophic injuries and fatal injuries reported from vehicle accidents each year in Maryland.
  • Moving violations, such as running red lights or performing illegal turns. When a driver disrupts traffic flow, fails to navigate an intersection correctly, or intentionally violates traffic indicators, they can easily cause an accident.
  • Vehicle malfunctions. A manufacturer could face a product liability claim if a defective auto part or vehicle is to blame for an accident. It’s also possible for a mechanic to face liability if they create a negligent safety issue with a customer’s vehicle that causes an accident.

When a car accident happens, the victim must work quickly if they want to have the best chance of fully recovering their losses. Swift action ensures the victim can preserve any physical evidence they may need to establish liability for the accident. If eyewitness testimony is available, it is always best to secure their statements as soon as possible while their memories are fresh. If you or a loved one is injured in a car accident in Baltimore, address your immediate medical needs and then reach out to a Baltimore car accident attorney as soon as possible to discuss your options for legal recourse.

Car Insurance Requirements for Maryland Drivers

Every licensed driver in Maryland must have auto insurance coverage that meets the state’s minimum coverage requirements. In addition, your auto insurance policy in Baltimore must include:

  • At least $30,000 in bodily injury liability coverage for a single person. For example, if you cause an accident, this will pay for the other driver’s medical expenses.
  • At least $60,000 in total accident liability coverage for bodily injuries. This coverage limit applies if you injure more than one person in the other vehicle.
  • At least $15,000 in property damage liability coverage. This pays for the other driver’s vehicle repair costs.

Drivers pay monthly premiums to maintain their auto insurance coverage. The cost of a premium depends on the insurance company’s assessment of the policyholder’s risk of causing a claim and the scope of the policyholder’s coverage. Premiums may increase if a driver causes multiple accidents within a relatively short time or if they cause a very serious accident through egregious negligence or intentional misconduct. For example, if you cause an accident because you were under the influence of alcohol, this could violate the terms of your policy, and your insurance company will drop your coverage once they learn about your DUI conviction.

Drivers in Maryland are also encouraged but not required to purchase underinsured/uninsured motorist coverage. However, in the event an uninsured driver caused an accident with your vehicle, you could use this coverage as a means of filing a claim against your own policy for compensation.

Proving Fault for Your Recent Car Accident in Baltimore

You’ll likely face a complex insurance claim after any serious accident in Baltimore. The sooner you secure legal representation, the easier it will be for you to succeed with all your recovery efforts. Your Baltimore car accident attorney will be invaluable for gathering the evidence needed to establish fault for your accident. They can help you gather physical evidence, review the police report from the incident, identify any witnesses to the event, and obtain their statements.

Meeting with an attorney as soon as possible after an accident gives them more time to compile your case. Liability may not be immediately clear or fall to more than one party. Maryland’s fault rule for auto accidents means you must accurately determine fault for your recent accident before pursuing any recourse.

The Ruben Law Firm can assist you in drafting a strong insurance claim following your car accident, and we can also help you build a personal injury case. We know the stress and uncertainty that any car accident can cause for victims and their families. Our goal is to provide guidance and support when you need it most after an accident, regardless of what your recovery efforts require.

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Filing Your Auto Insurance Claim After an Accident in Baltimore, MD

Auto insurance is an important first step in recovering from a car accident in Baltimore. As long as the at-fault driver has insurance coverage as required by state law, you have the right to file a claim against their policy if they caused your accident. While an insurance claim for a car accident may sound straightforward, many injured claimants face unexpected challenges with their claims.

Insurance companies typically look for all reasons they can find to reduce claim settlement offers or outright deny claims for coverage. Firmly establishing liability for your accident is essential in Maryland, and the state’s negligence law provides little flexibility to plaintiffs bearing partial responsibility for their damages. Working with an experienced Baltimore car accident attorney is the best strategy for anyone recovering from a car accident that someone else caused. Whether you know exactly how your accident happened or need professional assistance discerning the cause of your accident, the Ruben Law Firm can assist you.

Our team knows how insurance companies tend to handle auto accident claims and the tactics they use to justify lowball settlement offers and claim denials. Having an attorney draft your demand letter will subtly encourage the insurance company to process your claim in good faith as efficiently as possible. Ruben Law Firm can ensure you receive a fair settlement offer from the at-fault driver’s insurance company. If there are any problems with your insurance claim, we will address them on your behalf, and we can help you build a personal injury claim if insurance can’t fully compensate your damages.

How to Build a Personal Injury Claim for a Car Accident

When another driver is clearly to blame for your recent car accident, and you have exhausted your recovery options through insurance, a personal injury claim is likely to be your next best option for recovering your damages. Maryland enforces several strict laws concerning personal injury claims, and you must be aware of these variables if you intend to pursue a civil action in response to your accident.

An experienced Baltimore car accident attorney is an invaluable asset as you start to build a personal injury case. They can help you gather the evidence you need to prove the defendant’s negligence or intentional misconduct directly resulted in your damages. Depending on the nature of the defendant’s actions that caused your damages, they could also face criminal prosecution.

Success with a personal injury case requires accurate identification of the defendant responsible for your damages and a complete list of those damages. You have the right to seek full recovery from your economic losses as well as compensation for your pain and suffering, with restrictions. Your Baltimore car accident attorney will be crucial for maximizing the recovery you obtain from insurance. After establishing fault for your insurance claim, their representation will continue to benefit you in your civil court proceedings.

Damages and Compensation in Maryland Personal Injury Claims

Proving liability for your damages is just one phase of a personal injury claim. You must then prove the full scope and severity of your damages. Unfortunately, Maryland state law is relatively restrictive compared to many other states regarding the compensation available to a plaintiff in a personal injury claim.

While you have the right to seek full recovery from your economic damages, state law limits the pain and suffering compensation you can seek from the defendant. The limit on pain and suffering increases yearly to account for inflation, and different caps exist for different types of claims. For example, the cap on non-economic damages in a wrongful death claim with dependents is higher than the cap for a standard personal injury claim.

Auto insurance can provide some initial compensation for your economic damages, but a personal injury claim may be necessary for whatever insurance won’t cover. Damages in your personal injury suit may include:

  • Medical expenses. The at-fault driver’s auto insurance policy may only cover a portion of the costs of all the medical treatments you will require for a serious injury. Therefore, you have the right to seek full compensation for all medical treatment costs incurred because of the defendant’s actions.
  • Long-term medical needs. If the defendant caused any permanent harm, you could face lifelong medical complications because of their actions. Your Baltimore car accident attorney can help you hold them accountable for these projected future damages.
  • Property losses. The defendant’s insurance may cover some of your vehicle repair costs. However, if your property damage exceeds their coverage, any remaining losses can be included in your personal injury suit.
  • Lost income. Your car accident may have left you unable to work until you recover. The defendant is liable for the income you lose during this time. However, you can also hold them accountable for lost future earning capacity if their actions result in permanent harm that will prevent you from returning to work.

While pain and suffering compensation may be limited by state law, a good attorney can help you maximize your non-economic damages by proving the severity of your condition following your accident.

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Maryland’s Contributory Negligence Law

Anyone intending to file a civil claim for damages in Maryland must consider the state’s contributory negligence law. This statute is very strict and can pose significant problems to anyone who may bear partial responsibility for their claimed damages in a personal injury case. For example, under the contributory negligence rule, a plaintiff cannot recover damages from a defendant if the plaintiff bears partial liability for causing those damages. Therefore, if you are found to be even slightly at fault in your personal injury case, you cannot seek compensation from the defendant.

Most defendants in personal injury cases will attempt to assert contributory negligence to deflect liability for plaintiffs’ damages. If you have any concerns about proving fault for your recent car accident, you must consult with an attorney as soon as possible. This gives them as much time as possible to work on your case. It’s vital to counter any allegations of contributory negligence to preserve your right to recover compensation.

Resolving Your Car Accident Dispute in Baltimore, MD

Some car accidents can be resolved with straightforward insurance claims. For example, if your recent accident only resulted in minor cosmetic damage to your vehicle and no one was hurt, you and the other driver may be able to work out a private resolution and/or settle the matter with insurance. However, any accident resulting in serious injuries demands the attention of an experienced attorney. This ensures you have the guidance and support necessary to meet the unique challenges of your case. With your attorney’s help, you can address your medical needs while your legal team handles your case.

When you must file a personal injury claim against the driver who caused your accident, there are two possible ways to resolve the matter. First, most personal injury claims end in private settlement negotiations. A private settlement process enables both parties to resolve the case as swiftly as possible with mutually agreeable terms. If they cannot settle the case, they must proceed to litigation. This will take much longer and cost both parties more in the long run, but it may be essential for determining fault and resolving the claim.

What to Expect From a Baltimore Car Accident Attorney

A car accident can easily cause a very challenging situation for the victim and their family in a very short time. The initial aftermath could involve medical care for serious injuries. In addition, the victim may be unable to work until they finish their initial treatment. Medical expenses and the inability to work compound into a difficult financial problem for the victim’s household. When faced with multiple losses after an unexpected accident, it is easy to feel overwhelmed by the challenges and opportunities you face.

The right attorney can provide the guidance you need to navigate this challenging situation. First, your attorney will assist you in gathering the evidence needed to prove fault and quash any allegations you contributed to causing your accident. Then, once liability has been firmly established, we can guide you through the insurance claim process. The Ruben Law Firm has helped many clients in the Baltimore, MD, area handle complex insurance claims, and we know how insurance carriers tend to handle auto accident claims.

Our team will help you understand all the legal options available to you. While the average person can typically account for auto insurance and their immediately recognizable losses, they may have grounds to seek more extensive recovery. Maryland’s personal injury statutes are relatively strict and inflexible compared to many other states. However, a plaintiff with solid proof of liability still has the right to seek compensation for their experience.

An experienced Baltimore car accident attorney can assist with calculating the total potential value of your case. It’s relatively common for personal injury plaintiffs to initially be unaware of their options for compensation. While the stress and uncertainty of your situation and the financial pressure you face may seem overwhelming at first, do not allow the stress of the situation to coerce you into accepting less of a settlement than you deserve.

Ruben Law Firm can help you secure a suitable insurance settlement from an at-fault driver’s insurance. If their coverage can’t fully compensate your losses, we have the resources and experience to build a compelling personal injury suit on your behalf. Ultimately, whatever your unique case entails, we can provide the responsive and compassionate legal counsel you need through all stages of your proceedings.

To learn more about your options for legal recourse after a car accident someone else caused, contact the Ruben Law Firm and schedule a free case evaluation with a Baltimore car accident lawyer you can trust.