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A personal injury is any physical injury or economic loss caused by another party’s failure to use reasonable care. Reasonable adults are expected to use good judgment at all times, especially in situations in which they may cause harm to others if they do not. When one party fails to uphold this duty of care, and their actions result in harm to others, this can form the basis of a personal injury case.

Reliable Legal Counsel for Personal Injury Claims in Glen Burnie

The team at the Ruben Law Firm has years of professional experience handling personal injury claims for our clients throughout Maryland. If you need a Glen Burnie personal injury attorney you can trust, we can offer responsive and meticulous legal counsel throughout every phase of your case. Our firm has helped many clients in the Glen Burnie area understand the proceedings they face to recover their damages, and we are ready to apply this professional experience to your personal injury case.

Glen Burnie Personal Injury Lawyer

Building a Personal Injury Claim in Maryland

Under the state’s personal injury statutes, any party harmed by the actions of another party has the right to seek accountability through a personal injury claim. Most of the personal injury cases filed in Glen Burnie and surrounding areas are the results of negligence, or failure to use reasonable care. However, it is also possible for a personal injury to arise from an act of intentional misconduct. To succeed with your personal injury claim, you must identify the party responsible for causing your injury and prove the full range of damages their actions caused.

If your personal injury occurred because of negligence, you must identify the party or parties responsible and prove the full scope of damages they caused. In the event your injury was the result of intentional harm, such as a violent crime or other act outside the scope of typical negligence, the state is likely to open a criminal case against the defendant. Your Glen Burnie personal injury attorney will then advise you as to how this criminal case could influence your personal injury action.

A few of the most common causes of personal injury cases include:

  • Motor vehicle accidents. Recovery from these incidents often entails an insurance claim followed by a personal injury case. Having an experienced attorney on your side can maximize the results of both of these recovery options.
  • Premises liability. If you suffered a slip and fall on someone else’s property, the property owner is liable for all resulting damages. Different rules apply, however, if you suffered a slip and fall on any type of public property.
  • Dog attacks. The state enforces a strict liability rule for dog owners whose pets injure other people. This rule applies regardless of whether the dog owner had any reason to believe that the dog could be aggressive.
  • Violence. Unfortunately, Maryland has a relatively high violent crime rate, and whenever criminal action leads to personal injury, the victim faces an extensive series of legal proceedings if they want to ensure accountability.

Personal injuries can happen in other ways as well, and no matter how your recent personal injury occurred, it is essential to have legal representation from a trustworthy attorney on your side. The Ruben Law Firm takes time to learn each client’s unique story, helping them identify the greatest areas of concern and best opportunities to recover within each of their cases.

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Compensation for Personal Injuries in Glen Burnie

The first step in filing a personal injury claim in Glen Burnie is proving who caused your personal injury and how they caused it. The second step is proving the full scope of damages their actions caused. The state’s personal injury statutes allow the plaintiff to claim:

  • Medical expenses, both immediate and long-term. If the defendant in your personal injury case caused a severe injury and/or medical complications that will take a long time to treat, they are responsible for all the medical expenses you face in recovery. Your Glen Burnie personal injury attorney can coordinate with your healthcare team to gather any and all medical records you will need to prove the full scope of medical care your situation demands.
  • Lost income, including lost future earnings, if you are left unable to work. Many personal injury plaintiffs are left unable to work for extended periods due to their injuries. Some are left unable to work at all because of the permanent harm defendants cause to them. Your attorney can help you calculate all of the income you are unable to earn because of your injury and hold the defendant accountable for these losses.
  • Property damage. Depending on how the defendant caused your personal injury, insurance may pay for some of the property losses they caused. For example, if they hurt you in a car accident, you have the right to claim vehicle repair costs through their auto insurance. However, if insurance is not an option, or if you have outstanding losses their insurance can’t cover, the remaining property damage can be included in your personal injury case.

As the plaintiff in a personal injury claim, you also have the right to claim financial compensation for the pain and suffering the defendant caused you to suffer. Unfortunately, state law limits this aspect of your recovery, and different caps apply to different types of claims. While this may seem restrictive or even unfair, a good Glen Burnie personal injury attorney will be able to help their client maximize their final compensation. For 2022, the limit on pain and suffering compensation for most personal injury cases is $920,000. Different caps are enforced for wrongful death claims, and there are other factors that could come into play to change the final value of your personal injury claim, such as the illegal nature of a defendant’s actions.

Ruben Law Firm excels at handling complex personal injury cases, and we develop uniquely tailored legal strategies for all clients we represent. As a result, there is no single solution that works for every personal injury case, and you can rely on the team at the Ruben Law Firm to provide the individualized legal counsel you need to approach your case with peace of mind.

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Personal Injury Lawyers FAQs

Q: How Much Will It Cost to Hire a Glen Burnie Personal Injury Lawyer?

A: When you are already struggling with the damages of your injury, it’s natural to have concerns about potentially expensive legal fees. However, when you choose the Ruben Law Firm to handle your case, we only take a fee once we win a settlement on your behalf. Our contingency fee is a percentage of your final case award, and you keep the remainder. Therefore, there are no legal fees upfront or throughout your case proceedings, and you owe nothing at all if we do not win your case.

Q: How Long Will It Take to Resolve My Personal Injury Claim?

A: If the defendant you have named in your suit accepts responsibility for their actions and agrees to a settlement, it’s possible that a good attorney can help you finalize your case much sooner than you may expect. However, if a personal injury claim must be resolved in court, this could take several months to conclude, and the judge has the final say on the plaintiff’s compensation.

Q: How Much Compensation Can I Claim for a Personal Injury?

A: State law imposes some restrictions on personal injury claim compensation. While you may have the right to recover the full amount of economic damages you suffered, you are limited in terms of pain and suffering compensation. In addition, many variables can influence the final outcome of a personal injury claim, so it’s best to consult your Glen Burnie personal injury attorney for an estimate of your case’s total potential value.

Q: What Happens If I Partially Caused My Personal Injury?

A: If you share fault for the incident that caused your injury, Maryland law prevents you from seeking compensation for your damages. Contributory negligence applies to Glen Burnie personal injury claims, even if a plaintiff is only slightly to blame for their damages. Defendants will often attempt to assert contributory negligence in their efforts to escape liability for the harm they’ve done, and your Glen Burnie personal injury attorney will be a crucial asset for disproving any such claims of contributory negligence.

Q: Is It Worth Hiring a Glen Burnie, Maryland Personal Injury Attorney?

A: Legal representation you can trust is an invaluable asset, no matter what your claim entails. The right attorney can help you make clearer sense of your situation, identifying all the types of compensation available to you and preparing you for the proceedings your case is likely to entail. Even after factoring in the contingency fee for hiring them, your legal team can have a tremendously positive influence on the outcome of your recovery efforts.

The Ruben Law Firm offers compassionate and responsive personal injury counsel to clients in Glen Burnie and surrounding areas. Our team has a solid professional record of successful personal injury cases behind our firm, thanks to a consistent focus on each client’s individual needs. If you are struggling with the effects of another party’s negligence or misconduct, contact us today and schedule a free consultation with a Glen Burnie personal injury attorney.

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