Texting and Driving Penalties in Maryland 2023

texting and driving laws maryland
Using a handheld cell phone while operating a motor vehicle is not only against the law, it is extremely dangerous to both the driver and other people on the road. Many drivers are under the impression that texting is the only form of distracted driving while in fact there are many other ways for a driver to accidentally take their eyes off the road for too long including eating, checking for directions, or changing the music. Maryland began passing laws regarding texting and driving back in 2009, and have made updates periodically to reflect current technology. Citizens have pressed lawmakers to continue to improve the legislature and make the law more effective. Cell phone laws do not apply in emergency situations. These circumstances have been defined to including calling 911, a hospital, an ambulance, the fire department, a law enforcement agency or a first aid squad. Under no conditions whatsoever may a person use a cell phone while driving that is either under the age of 18, or the driver of a Class H (school) vehicle that is in motion. The use of a handheld cell phone may be allowed when used within the scope of official police or medical personnel duty.

The current penalties in 2021 for driving while texting in the state of Maryland are as follows:

(i) For a first offense, a fine of not more than $75; (ii) For a second offense, a fine of not more than $125; and (iii) For a third or subsequent offense, a fine of not more than $175. This information comes straight from the Maryland General Assembly. The penalties may increase if an accident occurred due to the distracted driving, with the possibility of points being added to the offender’s license. If you have received a ticket for texting and driving and you have questions, do not hesitate to reach out to Ruben Law Firm 24/7 for a FREE consultation.