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Will a Spike in COVID Cases This Winter Affect my Custody and Visitation Rights?

While the state of Maryland is in better shape than many other locations and hot spots across the Nation, statewide COVID-19 cases continue to spike at a rapid rate. Rumors have been circulating that another stay-at-home order, or lockdown, is immine… Read More
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Do I Have to Pay Child Support if I Don't Have Child Custody in Maryland?

When parents divorce and one parent is awarded sole custody, the other parent often feels as though he or she should not have to make child support payments, as they believe that they are not required to pay for a child they rarely see, much less rai… Read More
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Child Custody in Maryland…

Child Custody in Maryland | What You Need to Know

If you are a divorcing parent, child custody is most likely your top concern. Please continue reading and speak with our Maryland family law attorney to learn more about how our legal team can assist you and your family through every step of the lega… Read More
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What You Need to Know Abo…

What You Need to Know About Parental Alienation

There are few divorce and family law-related matters more sensitive and openly contested than those involving child custody. Though in many cases, divorcing parents understand what is at stake and will put their differences aside in the best interest… Read More
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Child Relocation in Maryl…

Child Relocation in Maryland | What You Need to Know

After a divorce, you may wish to relocate with your child, for one reason or another. This is perfectly fine, however, you must ensure you do so in accordance with the law, for if you do not, it may adversely impact your child custody agreement. Plea… Read More
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Tips For Divorced Co-Pare…

Tips For Divorced Co-Parents Who Share Child Custody

If you and your former spouse share custody of your child, there is a very good chance that you understand how challenging this can sometimes be. Generally, when former spouses share child custody, they both want nothing more than for their childR… Read More
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Who Gets to Keep the Hous…

Who Gets to Keep the House in a Maryland Divorce?

Divorce is complicated, and if you are getting divorced, you are probably very concerned about numerous things, and keeping your house is most likely one of them. Please continue reading and reach out to our seasoned Maryland divorce attorney to lear… Read More
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What You Need to Know Abo…

What You Need to Know About Post-Divorce Modifications in Maryland

In the months and years following a divorce, former spouses often find that as their lives change, the terms initially negotiated in their divorce agreement no longer accurately reflect their current situation in life. Because of this, spouses will v… Read More
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Can Having a Substance Ab…

Can Having a Substance Abuse Issue Affect Child Custody in Maryland?

If you are a divorcing parent, child custody is probably the most important issue on the table. If you have a substance abuse problem, custody matters can become even more complex. Please continue reading and speak with our knowledgeable Maryland div… Read More
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What You Need to Know Abo…

What You Need to Know About High Net Worth Divorce in Maryland

Divorce is notoriously complicated. It is not only a legal matter; it is also a financial and, most importantly, an emotional one. Unfortunately, if you or your spouse are high net worth individuals, you will have even more to worry about outside of… Read More
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