Can I Keep My Stimulus Check If I Owe Child Support?

Can I Keep My Stimulus Ch…

Most of us have had our lives significantly altered as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. From physical to financial struggles, we are all doing our best to cope with the virus. To help Americans deal with the financial effects of the coronavirus, the government has recently issued a $2 trillion stimulus package. One of the ways in which the stimulus package is designed to help individuals is by providing them with a one-time cash rebate of up to $1,200. That being said, if you are behind on child support payments, yet you are still struggling financially amid the COVID-19 pandemic, you may fear that you will not be able to keep your stimulus check. Please continue reading and speak with our knowledgeable Maryland family law attorneys to learn more:

Will I lose my stimulus check if I am behind on child support payments?

Those who have recently received their stimulus check, or are entitled to one in the future are wondering whether they will lose that check if they owe child support. If you are someone who owes child support, generally speaking, an order entered into the court will say that you have to pay the support directly to your ex or through the Office of Child Support Enforcement. If you pay through the Office of Child Support Enforcement, they will have to make sure you pay the support owed to your ex. If you fail to do so, your child support arrears will accumulate and will, generally, result in what is known as an outstanding judgment.

When this happens, generally, the Office of Child Support Enforcement will secure your tax refunds and use those towards paying off the child support arrears. Now, as to whether your stimulus payment will be garnished is up for speculation. However, since the stimulus payment shares similarities with tax refunds, there is a good chance these stimulus payments will be garnished to satisfy child support arrears.

If you have any additional questions or concerns regarding child support in the state of Maryland, please do not hesitate to reach out to our experienced Maryland family law attorneys to learn more today. We are here to help.

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