Tips For Divorced Co-Parents Who Share Child Custody

Tips For Divorced Co-Pare…

If you and your former spouse share custody of your child, there is a very good chance that you understand how challenging this can sometimes be. Generally, when former spouses share child custody, they both want nothing more than for their child's best interests to be looked after. However, whether it be a difference in parenting styles, or a difference in the idea of what a child's best interests truly are, there are many times where disagreements can arise. This is why our experienced Maryland family law attorneys have compiled the following short list of tips for sharing child custody with your ex. Please continue reading to learn more.

  1. The first thing you should understand is that the worst thing you could possibly do is badmouth your former spouse to your child. Though you may feel as though your spouse deserves it, or that your child is entitled to know who your former spouse "truly is," you should understand that your former spouse is still your child's parent, and talking poorly about your child's other parent almost always does more harm than good. In fact, countless studies through the years show exactly this.
  2. Always put your child first. Understand that while this may be a challenging time for you, it is almost certainly at least as challenging for your child. This is why you must always be there for your child at every turn, and you must remember that you should never use your child as a "chess piece," so to speak. For example, if your custody agreement states that your ex is to spend more time with your child now, and you know that at this moment, this is in your child's best interests, perhaps you should reconsider fighting for more time with your child until you are truly ready and better prepared.?
  3. While it may be challenging, it is always in everybody's best interests if you, your former spouse, and your child can communicate openly and honestly with one another. Not only will it help the process move along as smoothly as possible, but it will also help your child to understand that even though his parents may not agree on certain issues, they can still calmly and civilly speak with one another and solve problems together.

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