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Estate Planning After Your Family Law Case

After you have legally separated or divorced from your spouse, there are many things in your life that need to be addressed and possibly changed. Now is the time to create or update your estate plan. Regardless of the value of your assets, it is impo… Read More
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Let's Have the "Talk"

Life Insurance is a topic that doesn’t get discussed enough. And we understand— it’s a big decision! It could be a long process to navigate the jargon and all the information. Why do you need to shop around first before buying a policy? Thi… Read More
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Ruben Law Firm is Now Offering Guardianship Services!

Quite often, people will find themselves in a position where they need the legal authority to make decisions on behalf of another individual. When someone either loses the ability to take care of themselves or is unable to responsibly manage their as… Read More
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Common Estate Planning Mi…

Common Estate Planning Mistakes to Avoid in Maryland

Please continue reading and speak with our Maryland estate planning attorney to learn more about some of the most common estate planning mistakes to avoid.? Read More
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Common Estate Planning My…

Common Estate Planning Myths in Maryland | What You Need to Know

Most of us do not exactly jump at the phrase, “estate planning.” This is for various reasons, though many people do not rush to create their estate plan due to the various myths and preconceived notions regarding estate planning. Our firm… Read More
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Things to Consider Before…

Things to Consider Before Your Initial Consultation With an MD Estate Planning Attorney

If you are ready to begin creating your estate plan, you most likely have several questions about your initial consultation. One of the most common reasons people avoid creating an estate plan in the first place is because they do not wish to go thro… Read More
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What Are The Different Ty…

What Are The Different Types of Trusts?

Most people, when creating their estate plan, will establish documents known as trusts. Generally, trusts are designed for beneficiaries to get the most out of their inheritance and to and help families through the probate process. In the long run, e… Read More
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The Importance of Estate…

The Importance of Estate Planning For Uncertain Times

Having a complete estate plan at all times is extremely important, however, it becomes even more so during uncertain times. Please continue reading and speak with our knowledgeable Maryland estate planning attorney to learn more about some key aspect… Read More
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