The Importance of Estate Planning For Uncertain Times

The Importance of Estate…

Having a complete estate plan at all times is extremely important, however, it becomes even more so during uncertain times. Please continue reading and speak with our knowledgeable Maryland estate planning attorney to learn more about some key aspects of estate planning. Here are some of the questions you may have:

What should I include in my will?

Writing a will is perhaps the most central aspect of all comprehensive estate plans. You may include various belongings, collections, and assets you own in your will, as well as what you want to happen with those assets upon your passing. Dying without creating a will is known as dying "intestate," which means that your assets will be distributed on a succession schedule, depending on your surviving family members. Creating a will ensures your assets will be distributed as you wish.

What is the importance of a power of attorney?

People establish powers of attorney to appoint a trusted individual to make certain key life decisions on their behalf if they ever become incapacitated or are unable to handle certain affairs at the time. If, for example, you are currently quarantined and ill, you may need someone you trust to manage your financial situation, such as paying bills, handling medical records, making bank deposits/withdrawals, and more.

What is an advanced healthcare directive?

These are a critical part of all estate plans, as they permit appointed individuals to make crucial medical decisions on your behalf upon incapacitation. These are frequently referred to as living wills, power of attorney for healthcare, or health care proxy. When you appoint someone to handle these affairs, they can make the following decisions on your behalf:

  • View your medical records for emergency situations
  • Set the standard for determining whether or not you are truly incapacitated
  • Decide whether you desire life-saving care, such as ventilators or feeding tubes
  • Any other health care concerns you may have

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