What should I do with my wedding ring after my divorce?

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What should I do with my wedding ring after my divorce?

After getting divorced a wedding ring can be a painful reminder of what was. It can also be an inspiring memento that drives you to create a new story for yourself. Having to look at that ring sitting on your dresser, or tucked away in a drawer can emotionally prevent you from moving on from a previous marriage. It is no surprise that many people are looking for unique ways to dispose of, and make use of, their old wedding rings. There are many possibilities regarding what to do with a wedding ring from a marriage that no longer is.

1. Sell It!

Wedding rings are most often worth a decent amount of money, so it is not uncommon for a person to want to sell an old wedding ring. Pawn shops will pay bottom dollar for gold and silver jewelry, and you also have the option to try and sell it online if you have the time to do that. You can use the money to buy something nice for yourself, or donate the proceeds to charity!

2. Donate it!

Unfortunately, there are many people that cannot afford their own wedding rings. There are charities that collect and melt down damaged rings to make into wedding rings for terminally ill patients. If you would like, you can choose to skip the middle step and just give away the ring to someone you know that is in need. You can also benefit from this by writing off the donation on your taxes.

3. Pass it down!

Often a parent will choose to give their old wedding ring to a child or family member to use for their wedding one day. Giving a ring to your child could result in them saving money in the future. They could use the money intended for a ring towards buying a house, having a child, buying a car, and more. Sometimes people don’t want to pass along the “bad energy” of a ring, so they will either sell it or destroy it.

4. Destroy it!

Sometimes, when a marriage ends, one or both parties will want to destroy all memories of the union. Pictures can be burned, furniture dividend up and sold, and in some situations, the rings are destroyed. Wedding rings have been thrown into lakes, flushed down toilets, and burned to a crisp. Whatever you choose to do with your wedding ring, is your right, and if you feel as though you need to physically destroy it, go ahead!

5. Transform it!

Jewelers are able to do amazing things with old wedding rings. A jewelry store can turn an old ring into a necklace, a broach, a totally new ring, and more! Take a look online at the many ways people have repurposed old wedding rings in the past to be a new symbol of light and positivity.

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