David does an amazing job. He is intelligent and the best lawyer I have seen in action, from custody cases to criminal. He can do all aspects and he is phenomenal with his arguments for defense. I can truly say I’m grateful I had him in my corner. Thank you!!

-Trish Josh

David Ruben and his Law Firm went above and beyond handling my situation. My questions were answered quickly and in a manner that I could understand. I highly recommend Ruben Law Firm for any of your needs.


David, Corey, and the entire staff are the best at what they do. Their level of professionalism, efficiency, knowledge, and ability to create a hospitable environment speaks volumes about who they are as a law firm. I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND you allow them to represent you!

-Christopher Short

David is not only an amazing attorney but an incredible human being. Can not thank him or his team enough after walking me through my divorce and custody process. If you want honest representation with a heart and soul- look no further.

-Rachael P.

David represented me in my divorce case and I cannot sing his praises enough. The outcome swayed in my favor, but even if it hadn't I would have given David a stellar review. I begged him to take my case after researching lawyers, despite him being a few counties away from me. You will not find a more skilled trial lawyer than him, and his prices are bafflingly reasonable. I retained a different lawyer when seeking a divorce previously (same husband, but I withdrew). That other lawyer gave me a lower hourly rate but the hours that lawyer charged me for were more than double David's, so I paid way more to that other lawyer for much less work. It doesn't help to have a lawyer with a lower rate if they take twice as long to prepare for trial or prepare filings. David was also a skilled negotiator and was able to negotiate settlement terms twice, but my ex husband reneged once and threw in last minute unreasonable terms the second time. He is dedicated, knowledgeable, responsive, and fairly priced. I have not one single complaint. I hesitate to recommend him so highly because I don't want him to be too busy if I need him again! I would and will use him for any future legal needs. He covers a broad range of law specialties, and I'm confident he would excel at any subject because he's just that good. Get him while you can, because if I ever become filthy rich, I'm putting him on payroll to work exclusively for me.

-Jasmine Smith

I chose David Ruben to represent me in court. He was very kind and explained thoroughly the whole process. He was very reassuring when I was stressed out about my case. Thank you David for everything :-) I would 100% recommend him for any troubles.

-Serena Paul

Navigating thru separation and divorce (even in the most civil situations) can become highly charged and tense at times… especially when young children are involved. My ex wife and I had been working with a mediator for over a year trying to work out all the details of our separation agreement. While we were able to work out about 90% of our agreement… when it came down the really tough conversations/negotiations… my ex wife and I couldn’t reach a mutual agreement/understanding (resulting in her quitting mediation and retain her own attorney.) Around that time, Sarah Jacobs Esq. was referred to me through a family friend. I was initially reluctant to retain an attorney (trying to keep things peaceful) however looking back on how things played out…. I can honestly say that I will be forever grateful for her professionalism, guidance, fierce advocation, and stellar representation throughout the entire separation/ divorce process. Sarah took the time to thoroughly understand my case. She was quickly able to identify the challenges my family and I were facing. She she encouraged me when, and when-not to back down on certain terms. She was always available if I had any questions along the way… and in end, she was ultimately able to work out a favorable agreement for both parties in our case. Sarah is an incredible attorney. She is honest, trustworthy, transparent and truly cares about her clients. I would highly recommend her services to anyone requiring “the best of the best” in family law representation.

-David Merril

Working with David was an absolute pleasure! His counsel was spot on and he worked with me both compassionately and realistically. I appreciated the time he took to answer my questions. My case had the outcome I was hoping for and I am deeply grateful to David for all that he did! Will definitely recommend him to friends & colleagues going forward!

-Karen Daley

I would highly recommend David Ruben to anyone. He is extremely knowledgeable and experienced and provides sound advice. The entire Ruben team were very responsive to all my requests throughout the process and the magistrate commented at the end how well prepared and accurate their paperwork and filings were.

-John Rigby

The team at Ruben Law Firm provided outstanding and endless hours of service for my high-profile custody case. You will have a difficult time finding better attorneys than David Ruben, Corey Ruben, and Alyssa Schlafstein. These three brilliant attorneys not only conquered what other non-affiliated attorneys advised would be impossible to do, but did so with fervor, authentic empathy, attention to detail, and at times, hearty humor. Consequently, I am eternally grateful and highly recommend David Ruben, Corey Ruben, and Alyssa Schlafstein. The attorneys at Ruben Law Firm aren't just your attorneys, they are your arsenal. #superlegalheros

-Carrie Turner

If you are looking for an Honest and dependable lawyer go to David Ruben Law Firm. My attorney Alyssa Schlafstein is amazing. Alyssa is very attention to detail and great communicator. She listened to all of my concerns and addressed everyone in the case. Alyssa is the definition of a true professional with great character. My ex-husband lawyer was very malicious and stated lies. Alyssa was able to state facts and not get unprofessional. It was great to see who was representing me versus my ex-husband. I would highly recommend The David Ruben Law Firm and have Alyssa Schlafstein represent you. This will be the best decision of your life. P.S. She won the custody case.

-Julie Matthews

I came in knowing absolutely nothing about the legal system and Ruben Law Firm took care of everything I needed and took the time to answer every question I had. Their response time was amazingly fast and I always felt like I was their only client which is crazy but that's just how on top of everything they were. I would recommend them a thousand times over and I'm so thankful I found them!

-Krista F.

David and staff are great! So very helpful! When you're dealing with a situation that you have no idea how it can play out legally, they will assist you every step of the way. Before even paying any fee, David gave me a free consultation and as well as some advice / instructions via email. He is always so willing to help. Because of how wonderful he was upfront, before any fee, I chose to use him for my legal situation and I'm so very glad that I did and definitely will use them again in the future, should I need further legal advice and assistance. I highly recommend using this firm if you need help!

-Barbara J.

Ruben law firm and his team were excellent. I had never been through a divorce (or even used a lawyer for anything), but the walked me through everything and answered all of my questions, even the dumb ones. They even stayed in court all day with me when the courts kept pushing the time back of the hearing. Absolutely amazing people. I’ll definitely be using them again for any of my legal needs

-Todd J.

I highly recommend Mr. Ruben and his law firm. Mr. Ruben represented me in matter, achieving an outcome in my favor at a fair and reasonable price. Mr. Ruben's friendly demeanor, his confidence, honesty, and knowledge of the law immediately made me feel at ease and comfortable knowing that I entrusted my matter to the right hands.

-Lyssa Morris

HIGHLY RECOMMEND! Thank you Alyssa and David!!! Knowledgeable and Trustworthy! I have been a client since June 2017 – January 2022 for divorce and child custody. They made the process so much easier and gave me peace of mind in a stressful but successful outcome. I truly appreciated their willingness to be flexible and always being available to jump on a call with myself or respond to an email in a great timely manner. I was given clear, and practical legal advice on various issues. There were no empty promises to keep me happy. They made sure I was up-to-date each step of our case, dates, and deadlines. I remain blessed to have them on my side. They know what they’re doing and they deliver. I thoroughly enjoyed working with them. I will never go anywhere else. Endless Thanks to Ruben Law Firm and their outstanding team!

-Ann Worthington