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A traffic ticket in Baltimore, MD, can be a more serious issue than you initially expected. Many drivers in Maryland make the mistake of thinking that if they are issued speeding tickets or cited for other traffic violations that lead to ticketing, paying the fine resolves the issue. Unfortunately, the reality is that some police officers make mistakes when they issue tickets. As a result, some tickets are issued incorrectly, and some drivers face unfair penalties for traffic violations they did not commit. It is also possible to be at fault for a traffic ticket but still have grounds to contest the penalty.

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Representing Baltimore Drivers in Traffic Court

When you pay the fine for your traffic ticket in Baltimore, this is the legal equivalent of admitting you committed the offense in question, and you accept the resulting consequences. A fine is likely to only be the most immediate of the penalties you could face for a traffic ticket in Baltimore. Admitting fault for a traffic offense in Maryland could cause problems with your insurance coverage. You may also accrue too many demerit points on your driver’s license and risk suspension. Ultimately, taking any traffic ticket seriously is important, as is determining whether you have grounds to fight it.

The Ruben Law Firm has helped many Baltimore area clients through traffic court. While you might think it isn’t worth the effort to fight a ticket and that paying the fine would be your best option, this isn’t necessarily true. Accepting fault for speeding or any other traffic offense can have repercussions you may not immediately realize. A bit of effort in contesting your ticket could amount to avoiding an inconvenient fine.

Why You Need Legal Counsel to Fight a Traffic Ticket in Baltimore

Do not assume you can pay a traffic ticket fine and resolve the matter completely. It may take time for the full effects of assuming responsibility for the offense to become apparent, and you could face a much worse financial situation when you account for the long-term impact of a traffic violation on your record.

Maryland imposes various penalties for different types of traffic offenses. Even minor offenses like parking violations can lead to expensive fines. More serious traffic offenses like speeding or reckless driving can lead to criminal prosecution. Additionally, traffic violations may cause accidents, and any driver who causes an accident in this manner assumes liability for the resulting damages.

Your Baltimore traffic ticket attorney can guide you through your traffic court proceedings. When you receive a ticket for a traffic offense from the police officer, and you are not placed under arrest, your ticket will include instructions for paying your fine or challenging the ticket. If you intend to fight your ticket, this will require a hearing in traffic court.

Unlike other courtroom proceedings, traffic ticket cases unfold solely under the supervision of a traffic court judge. If a police officer issued you a traffic ticket, you would likely be required to attend the initial hearing as well. During this hearing, you will have the right to present evidence proving you committed the offense in question. Conversely, the officer who issued your ticket will explain their justification for issuing the ticket.

The traffic court judge has the final say on the matter. They may cancel the ticket if the driver presents a compelling case and/or the officer who issued the ticket fails to appear at the hearing. It’s also possible for the judge to alter the terms of the ticket, such as reducing the fine or removing associated penalties for the driver. This traffic court hearing has many possible outcomes, and your attorney will help you determine the most likely results you will see from your case.

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Potential Penalties for Traffic Tickets in Maryland

Paying a fine for any traffic offense creates a formal record that you are guilty of a traffic violation. In Maryland, this can have several effects depending on your driving record. The first is demerit points, which the Maryland Motor Vehicle Association (MVA) tracks for every driver. If you accumulate too many points within a short time, you face several possible penalties:

  • Once you receive three or four demerit points, the MVA will issue a warning letter.
  • After five to seven points, the MVA will require you to complete a Driver Improvement Program.
  • With eight to 11 points, the MVA will suspend your driver’s license and mail you a notice of suspension.
  • If you accrue 12 or more points within two years, the MVA will revoke your driver’s license.

If you are cited for one traffic violation, pay the fine, and are later issued a second traffic ticket, the points you would accumulate if you admitted fault and paid the fine may push you to the point of facing a license suspension.

All Maryland drivers are legally required to carry auto insurance, and a driver’s insurance premium typically hinges on their risk level and driving record. If you pay a fine for a traffic violation and your insurer discovers this, it may influence your coverage in various ways. Some insurance carriers deny coverage if policyholders cause accidents or commit serious traffic offenses. It’s more likely that an insurer will increase a policyholder’s premium rate after they have accrued too many demerit points.

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If you believe that your traffic ticket was issued erroneously or that you have grounds to fight your ticket, it is vital to act quickly. You have a limited time to resolve a traffic ticket, and failure to do so could lead to enhanced penalties if you do not pay the associated fine on time. The Ruben Law Firm can provide the support and guidance you need to determine if you have grounds to challenge a ticket in traffic court. If so, we can help you navigate your case proceedings until you reach a positive outcome.

Contact us today and schedule a free consultation with a Baltimore traffic ticket attorney. We’ll review the details of your case and let you know how our team can help you fight your ticket.