How to Prevent Foreclosure During COVID

It has been eight months since the country first shut down, and there are still millions of people from all walks of life dealing with the economic aftermath. Many small, non-corporate businesses were forced to close and ended up having to shut their doors forever. Larger companies had massive layoffs and industries across the board suffered. If you lost your job during the pandemic, you are not alone in your struggle. We saw a glimmer of hope for the healing of these injured parties when the extra $600 a week on unemployment was implemented, but that was quickly taken away and millions found themselves living dollar to dollar.

With no job, and non-livable wages being given to those who are unemployed, many people were not able to make their monthly rent or mortgage payments this past year. Entire families have been thrown out on the streets with nowhere to go. Parents have to decide between putting a meal on the table for dinner or paying the electricity bill. In a time where safety and health should be a first priority, economic strains have become more pressing. To add even more to the stress, many people have been confused and misinformed about their rights and what the law entails when it comes to protecting their housing in the time of COVID-19.

A smart first move to make is to find a lawyer that can provide a free initial consultation. Many lawyers provide short, 15 to 30-minute initial visits where you can discuss your options at no cost. Before you do anything related to the foreclosure of your home, reach out to a lawyer, and see if they can point you in the right direction. Make your goals clear to the attorney so that they know it is important for you to keep your home. Be honest and truthful about past finances and your current situation so that the lawyer can give you the best advice for how to keep your home from being foreclosed on during COVID-19.

Filing for bankruptcy is a popular option for those that qualify. The right kind of law firm can help you with keeping your house and car, while also helping you to eliminate debt. Finding a company that specializes in bankruptcy is much easier than it sounds. If you are not sure where to start, there are also tons of informational bankruptcy videos out there for free you can view.

During your free consultation, a lawyer can provide you with answers to your questions, properly evaluate where you stand financially, and give you advice on how to proceed. Often clients will feel ashamed or embarrassed to check out the bankruptcy route, but a good attorney will assure their clients that this is a common situation that many families are dealing with due to COVID-19. Filing for bankruptcy does not mean you are going to have financial issues for the rest of your life. Instead, it is a viable option for essentially wiping the slate clean so that you can get along with your life and not be held down by past debts.

Ruben Law Firm is a perfect example of the exact kind of firm you should be looking for when researching how to save your house from being foreclosed on during the pandemic. They offer affordable fees, payment plans, and are extremely flexible with appointments. With over two decades of experience, the staff at Ruben Law Firm are armed with all the resources and knowledge to make the process as painless as possible. At this firm, clients can get a wide variety of perspectives from well-versed members of the law community and truly feel as though they understand what their next steps should be.

Not only can the attorneys and paralegals at Ruben Law Firm help you keep ownership of your most important assets, they also can halt any wage garnishments that are occurring, stop debt collectors from calling and harassing you and your family, and provide relief for medical and credit card bills. When you are searching for an attorney to file bankruptcy, it is imperative that you choose an attorney you can trust. You need to make sure that whoever you go to for help has your best interests at heart, and will tell you the truth about if bankruptcy is the right plan for you.

Having a lawyer is not required for filing bankruptcy, but it is highly recommended. The right lawyer will prevent you from getting caught up in a lengthy process with the courts and can aid in filling out the correct paperwork and collecting the pertaining documents. Filing for bankruptcy is a very confusing process and it is easy to make a simple mistake. If time is of the essence, you cannot afford to have a slip-up while navigating your case. Make sure you are doing things the right way, the first time, so your issues can be resolved as quickly as possible.

While bankruptcy is a popular option for those who fear being foreclosed on during the pandemic, there is another way. Mortgage companies offer several loss mitigation options for their customers to utilize in times such as these. One of these options is to request a loan modification directly from your mortgage company. Even if you do choose to go this route, it is recommended to still schedule an appointment with an attorney to truly be certain this is the right plan of action to solve the issue before you do anything.

Having a roof over your head is one of the most important parts of survival. Falling behind on payments due to circumstances out of your control should not be a death sentence. Often, clients will come to an attorney and say they will do anything to keep their home. Luckily, no matter how deep down in the hole things may seem, there is always a chance for recovery. You do not have to lose your home as a result of COVID-19. Find out what your options are today, to secure your future and to secure your home.

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