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Ruben Law firm, located in the Empire Towers building in Glen Burnie, Maryland, is dedicated to providing our community members access to affordable and trustworthy family lawyers. The firm provides legal services in a wide variety of family law cases including custody, divorce, separation, prenups, and more for the local area. Speak family lawyer now when you call Ruben Law Firm. We are always willing to take on clients, so reach out ASAP to see if we can fit your needs.

When you hire a family lawyer out of our Glen Burnie location, you will be working with one of our amazing, award-winning team members. A fight for custody, a divorce, or a separation can be one of the most stressful times in a person's life, and our staff is committed to guiding you thorough the process and getting you the results you want! You will be glad to have a Glen Burnie family lawyer from Ruben Law Firm by your side in court.

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Talk to one of our Glen Burnie family law attorneys today for a no-obligation, judgement free consultation. Our lawyers can meet via phone call, video chat, or in person. We also have several other office locations throughout the state of Maryland. We answer the phone 24/7 and offer 24/7 live chat on our websites. Sometimes, clients have busy work schedules, so we have adapted our practice to accommodate to weekend and evening appointments. Ruben Law Firm also offers flexible payment plans.

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