Do I have to be separated for a year before I can file for an Absolute Divorce in Maryland?

Not always. In Maryland, we have several grounds for divorce. The most common ground is a twelve month separation, which means the married couple has to live in SEPARATE HOUSEHOLDS for more then twelve months before either of them can file for divorce. A common question that people ask our Maryland divorce attorneys is does it count as separation if we live in separation bedrooms?" As of the date that I am writing this (November 22, 2014), the answer is no, and do not be misled by attorneys who tell you otherwise.

The grounds for an Absolute Divorce in Maryland that do not require a twelve month separation are adultery and cruel and vicious conduct. Both are very hard to prove, but the only way to find out if you can and should proceed on those grounds is to call one of our Maryland divorce attorneys who can answer your questions at no cost to you.