What happens to my drivers license if I am arrested for DUI?

In Maryland, being arrested for a drunk driving offense can lead to separate suspensions of your drivers license. The first has to do with taking or not taking the breath test. If you are pulled over, take the test, and blow between a .08 and a .15, for a first offense you are subject to a 45 day suspension. However, with that type of suspension, if you work, are in an alcohol education or treatment program or attend school, you can ask for the ability to drive to and from those activities during the 45 day period. If you blow over a .15, you are subject to a 90 day suspension for a first offense, but you are not permitted to drive at all during the 90 day period. If you refuse the test, you are subject to a 120 day suspension, no restrictions, however, you do have the right to ask for the ignition interlock system in your car for a period of one year.

The other type of suspension that can occur as a result of a DUI happens after you go to court. If you are convicted of a DUI/DWI you will receive 8 or 12 points and could be suspended or revoked. For a first offense in Maryland, if you are found guilty, most Judges will strike the guilty finding and enter a probation before judgement. If you are fortunate enough to receive a probation before judgement, you will not get points and you will not be subject to an additional suspension. If you are convicted, you will likely lose your license for a significant period of time.