If I am arrested for assault but the person who charged me does not want to go through with it, what will happen?

Our Maryland criminal attorneys routinely represent people charged with domestic assaults. Some are serious, some are not. Many times, couples get in verbal arguments, get mad at each other and call the police. However, by the time the police get there, they no longer wish to press charges, and do not understand why the police locked up the accused. If you accuse someone of assault, the police will usually charge that person even if you no longer want to press charges. However, when the case goes to court it is sometimes a different story. At that point it is in the hands of the State's Attorney. Sometimes the State's Attorney will drop the case, sometimes he or she will recommend an anger management class. In Maryland, a spouse has the one time right to not testify against another spouse, and that's call taking the marital privilege. If you have been charged with assault and are looking for a Maryland criminal lawyer to assist you, call or e-mail anytime, we are always available.