Common Misdemeanors in Maryland

Public Intoxication (Drunk in Public): In Maryland Public Intoxication is defined as being intoxicated or drinking an alcoholic beverage in public and either endangering another person’s safety or causing a public disturbance. Public Intoxication is a misdemeanor and the maximum penalty is a $100 fine and or 90 days in jail.

Open Container Violation: In Maryland an open container violation is defined as possession of an alcoholic beverage in an open container on either public property or that of a retail establishment, without the owner’s consent. (This includes parking lots.) Open containers include, but are not limited to: open cans of beer, open bottles of wine, open bottles of liquor, and cups filled with any alcoholic beverage. An open container violation is a misdemeanor and the maximum penalty is a $100 fine.

Second Degree Assault: Second degree assault involves any type of physical harm or threat of physical harm to another person. Second degree assault is a misdemeanor crime and carries with it a maximum penalty of $2,500 and 10 years in prison.


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