Did you Know that August is National Make a Will Month?

Three Reasons to Make a Will/Estate Plan:

1. Save time, stress, and money for your loved ones
Losing a loved one is incredibly difficult. Give your loved ones the space to grieve by making an estate plan in advance. Proper estate planning will save your loved ones a significant amount of time and alleviate a lot of stress by allowing the probate process to run smoothly, or even eliminate assets from becoming a part of a probated estate.
2. Take care of minor children
Do you have minor children? What if the unthinkable were to happen and someone needed to care for your children because you are no longer able to? A will ensures that you choose who would care for your children rather than leaving this extremely important decision to the judicial system.
3. Peace of mind
A will gives you lasting peace of mind, knowing that your assets will go to the intended beneficiaries when you die.

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