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What You Need to Know Abo…

What You Need to Know About Memorial Day DUIs in Maryland

Memorial Day Weekend is one of the most popular weekends for DUIs every year. Unfortunately, a DUI can drastically affect your life for a very long time, which is why if you have been charged with one, you will need to retain the assistance of an exp… Read More
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Can I Refuse To Take a Br…

Can I Refuse To Take a Breathalyzer Test In Maryland?

There are few things more frightening than being pulled over for driving under the influence. Because of this, many individuals who are stopped will simply refuse to take a breathalyzer or blood test. Unfortunately, this usually will not work in your… Read More
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The 5 Most Important Thin…

The 5 Most Important Things You Should Look For in a Criminal Defense Attorney

When facing a criminal matter, the attorney you choose is paramount. Selecting an effective attorney can be the difference between going to jail and remaining a free person. Please read on and reach out to our experienced Maryland criminal defense fi… Read More
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