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What makes us unique? At the Law Offices of David L. Ruben, our goal is to help you and your family by protecting your legal rights. We cater to hard working people such as yourself, who are entitled to and deserve top-quality legal services at affordable prices by experienced, down-to-earth attorneys. Every legal situation is different, and we strive to provide the exact services that you want us to provide in each situation. Some people want a “barracuda” and we can be that if the situation calls for it. Others, however, may want an attorney who is going to try and resolve a case without the necessity of going to court. We can do that too. The bottom line is this.

We are a Different Type of Law Firm. We pride ourselves in having the unique ability to put ourselves in your shoes, and help you through this most difficult time. We are one of the only law firms around that strives to accomplish your exact wishes in every case and always at a reasonable and fair price. Twenty years ago after I graduated law school my goal was to create a new kind of law firm. People have many preconceptions about lawyers; that they are stuck up, rude, greedy and generally not nice people. And you know what? Many lawyers are exactly that way. But we’re not.

So what separates us from the rest? At our office, our lawyers and staff truly believe that we are no different than you. If you have a legal problem and need an attorney immediately or just have a legal question answered, call or e-mail us today. Our actions speak for themselves. Once you experience how quickly we respond and how knowledgeable and attentive we are, we are sure that you will be a client for life.

Maryland Divorce Lawyer

Divorce can be an extremely stressful time for any family. At the law offices of David L. Ruben we aggressively fight to protect your legal rights in divorce, custody, separation or property division in Maryland. We understand that sometimes a divorce simply cannot be resolved between the two parties and a lawyer may need to be involved. We have handled divorce cases in Maryland for over 20 years and use our experience to protect your rights. Are you righting for custody of your child? Need assistance with alimony or property division? Wondering if you really need to hire a lawyer? Whatever questions you may have, contact our firm – we have over 20 years experience in divorce cases in Maryland. Learn about limited and absolute divorce and how to file for a divorce.


Maryland Bankruptcy

The Maryland Bankruptcy Center is a full service bankruptcy law firm that will help you eliminate your debt in a professional, convenient and courteous manner every step of the way. We are experienced bankruptcy attorneys whose sole job it is to help you get back on your feet so you can get on with your life. Mr. Ruben has earned Martindale-Hubbell’s AV rating, which is the highest rating bestowed on attorneys for their professional knowledge and ability as well as ethical standards in the practice of law. We have convenient locations all over Maryland. You can read more on our Maryland Bankruptcy Center website.

Client’s choose the Maryland Bankruptcy Center because IMMEDIATE CUSTOMER SERVICE and EXCELLENT LEGAL COUNSEL is our primary objective. We offer a sympathetic and patient approach. Our fees are affordable and we offer payment plans in all cases. We have many convenient locations all over Maryland. CONTACT US now and you will receive a telephone call or an e-mail back from us almost immediately. We are available by phone or by computer 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and our hard work and convenience doesn’t stop once you hire us. We will begin working on your case immediately. The harassing telephone calls at home and work will stop immediately. You will be represented in court by an experienced lawyer, and we will continue to work with you until your case is finished.

Maryland Personal Injury Lawyer / Maryland Auto Accident Lawyer

You have become hurt or injured in an accident by someone else’s negligence you may want to speak to our law firm. Victims of injury cases may be able to seek financial compensation for their medical expenses, lost wages and pain & suffering damages. What is personal injury? Personal injury is a term that is used to describe a serious injury that happens as a result of someone else’s negligence. Common types of personal injury can include auto accidents, truck accidents, motorcycle accidents, boating accidents and construction accidents. Not all law firms have the experience and specialization required to handle these delicate cases. Our firm knows how to fight against the insurance companies, we fight for a highest possible payout for our clients. Payouts that can be used to increase the quality of life for accident victims that need assistance with physical therapy, medical treatments and other expenses. We understand that the insurance company is not your friend, their goal is to lower payouts as much as possible to accident victims. We fight against insurance companies, we know their tactics and know how to best fight against them. If the insurance company will not pay what is fair we take them to court and do not charge legal fees until we win for you.

Maryland Wills

Do you want decide what will happen to your property after your death? Or would you prefer to let the State of Maryland make that decision for you? Do you want to decide what will happen to your minor children after your death? Or do you want the Court to decide who will raise your children in the event that both you and your spouse were to die? Do you want to take advantage of legitimate ways to lower your estate’s death taxes so that more of your estate can go to your children or other beneficiaries? Or would you prefer that your money be donated to the government? Would you like to choose your personal representative, or would you prefer that the Court appoint one for you.

Of course we all already know the answers to the above questions….but when put that way it makes it pretty clear that EVERYONE needs a will. Talk to us about it. Tell us what you want, and let us make certain that your Will is correct and enjoy the sense of well-being in knowing that your wishes will be carried out with a well-written Will.

Criminal Defense Lawyer

The criminal justice system in Maryland affects nearly every individual at some point in his or her lifetime. Contact with the system ranges from a mere traffic ticket to incarcerable offenses. In Maryland, a crime is any behavior that is punishable by incarceration or fine or both. The legislature determines which acts are considered criminal and then these acts are divided into two categories, namely felonies and misdemeanors. This division is based on the potential punishment. If the act is punishable only by a fine, such as a parking ticket, it is usually not considered a crime.

To be charged with a crime is to be formally accused of that crime. Police officers begin the charging process with an arrest or a citation. The police then send copies of their reports to the State’s Attorney, who then decides what charges, if any should be filed. The State’s Attorney is permitted to examine all circumstances of the case, including the suspect’s past criminal record, when determining whether charges should be filed.

The most important aspect of criminal law to remember that the burden of proving a crime is on the prosecution. Therefore, if you are charged with a crime, you do not have to prove your innocence, although it sometimes seems as if that is the case. To find out more information about a specific crime, please contact us.

Maryland Medical Malpractice Lawyer

If you, a family member or a friend has been the victim of medical negligence, we can help you. Medical negligence means that a doctor, nurse or a hospital made a mistake when treating you (or not treating you) and that mistake has caused you great injury, pain and suffering and expense. If you believe that this has happened to you, call or E-mail us today for a free consultation and evaluation of your case. We represent malpractice victims throughout the State of Maryland and are willing to come to your home to meet with you if necessary.

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